What Our Teachers Say!

“Nothing beats seeing the amazement and joy of a child experiencing the feeling of floating and swimming for the first time”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Children can achieve something in every lesson and as a teacher that’s extremely satisfying”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Teaching swimming to all ages is a fantastic and rewarding experience. I love it. To see the faces light up when they realise they can swim makes it all so worthwhile”

What Our Teachers Say!

“I love seeing a child progress and doing things that they initially didn’t think they were capable of. It’s really rewarding and I love being part of their experience.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Using my knowledge as a teacher to encourage children to try even when they find things really difficult & seeing them smile when they achieve something they thought was impossible for them.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“As a teacher being a part of a child’s development and teaching a life skill that will last a life time and can save a life is amazing.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Understanding that each child is different and being able to help each child to realise their full potential is so rewarding.”

Swimming lessons for children aged 3 and over

Children’s Swimming lessons in Buckinghamshire

Watersplash Dolphins offers weekly children’s swimming lessons at Booker Park School in Aylesbury.

Learning to swim is a skill for life. Swimming builds confidence, stamina and strength and means your child in safer around water. We teach beginners, intermediate and more advanced swimmers.

Lessons are for children aged 3 and over. We offer small classes, particularly beneficial for beginners and younger children and those who are nervous around water. Our aim is for all our learners to become confident in the the water and to go on to swim with the correct technique as well as an understanding of water safety.

Our weekly swimming lessons are held at Booker Park School in Aylesbury and are a great way for your child to start their swimming journey.

Our aims at Watersplash Dolphins are for our swimmers to be safe and have fun in a friendly, child focused environment. We are able to accommodate siblings of different ages and abilities in the same session. So why not give us a call? Seeing the children achieve is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. Working towards our awards and certificates plays a key part in how we teach, motivate and encourage, without putting any undue pressure on the children. They can progress at their own pace.

Take a look at some of the positive feedback we have received from our children and parents.
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During the Easter and summer holidays we run daily, week-long crash courses. Over a period of five days, you can boost your child’s swimming ability by enrolling them into one of our intensive classes. They are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the water or develop current swimming ability. Our upcoming crash courses are shown on the main menu.

Individual private swimming lessons are available on request. Please email for more details.